Hand-picked with care for Agrocan Hellas.

It all begins with premium, handpicked olives that we source from small farms. More than three quarters of farm holdings in the *European Union are small, below 10 hectares. A large number being even lower, below 5 hectares. In Agrocan Hellas we have created a valuable network of hundreds of farmers and partners. This is why we believe in the network of people that we have built through the years.

A network that understand the importance of quality, as well as the importance of keeping and expanding our knowledge.
This is why in AGROCAN we emphasizes the support of sustainable farming. It is important for us to provide the world with high quality olives for everyone alive now and also the generations to come.

The stacked 20 liter green barrels of olives right after the production has finished
Worker holding PET Jar stuffed with green olives
SUNMED branded stacked cartons filled with products
Worker holding plastic bag with olives
Machine emptying barrel of green olives into tank

From the tree all the way to the final product

In AGROCAN HELLAS we process and pack all kinds of Greek and other kinds of olives. Before the olives are hand-picked and delivered to us they are examined on the spot by one of our experts. After the first visual tests they are hand-picked by our trusting partners and we transfer them to our facilities.
The process of quality examination begins here. Our team of experts acquires random samples and they are sent for chemical analysis. This step ensures the absence of harmful pesticides and other elements. Once these tests are successfully passed the olive can now enter deeper in our facilities. This is where the main bulk of procedures takes place.

The olive fruit is washed thoroughly. This removes all the dust and prepares the fruit for the second cleaning state which is the leaf and stem removal.
Right after these two stages the olives are sorted by size into barrels and they are sent down the production line for their natural fermentation.

Up to this point we have a beautiful, tasty and nutrient product. The next steps are those of processing and forming the final product. The fermentation of olives leads to the processing machines. The olives are then pitted and prepared for the next processes. With our state of the art machinery, we slice, cut in halves and even randomly. The Green pitted olives can also be used to created stuffed olives. Pimento, almond, garlic, orange and many more foods can be used for stuffing.

When the fruit takes its final shape, it is placed into the corresponding container, sealed as we prepare  it for the journey all around the world!

We know olives, this is the field we chose to become experts at and we are ready to take on all the challenges of the global market.
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