Why work with us?

Our work goes beyond the successful transport of you order to your facilities. On your path of finding a foods supplier, we are here for You, from the moment of a product idea conception all the way to the final customer sale.

Our Identity

  • We are pioneers of innovation in the food processing industry, by choice. With our flexible and experienced team of product designers, quality control and marketing, we are ready to take on challenges on multiple levels.

  • We always strive for the maximum quality of the product, the packaging but also the communication with our partners & customers.

  • Our expertise is not based on old technologies, on the contrary, with tradition as on of our tools and our experience of over 30 years in the modern markets, we always gaze at the future.

What we build today

  • We focus at the creation of long-term, mutual relationships and cooperations with our current and future partners.
  • We are creating partnership networks that begin at the roots of the trees and reach all the way to everyone’s home, with our efforts as the cornerstone.

  • We choose our suppliers and raw materials with caution, strict criteria and standards which are equally a strict as the ones we use at our own factory. This is the only way we can reliably know that our final product will successfully accomplish every challenge and fulfil your requirements.

What can we do for you, today

  • We ensure the safe and swift delivery of your order, according to schedule and according upon the agreed details and needs of your company.

  • We are creating labels of high standards through our graphic design and marketing departments. Labels that are meant to make your product stand out between thousands of other competitive products at the shelf and convert into sales.

  • Last but not least, we offer the certainty and credibility that we have strived as a foods supplier to create for over 30 years. If you want to be part of the future we recommend you become part of our partnership network.

We’re here to cover your needs

Contact us for Quote, Sample or any other question you might have.