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All olives are good, but there are good olives and there are also fine olives. No matter the origin, we always provide our partners with olives of high standards. The fruit is monitored through all the processes to ensure that the final product will meet and exceed your expectations.

The Kalamata (or Kalamon) olive variety takes its name from its place of origin, Messinia, which used to be called with the same name as the capital city of the prefecture, Kalamata. A superior variety of edible olives, kalamata olive tree thrives in dry environments with soils of low moisture. The fruit ripens from November up to early January and it is mostly cultivated in the areas of Messinia, Lakonia (Sparta) and Agrinio (but only only). The harvesting method of edible olives has to be simple and respectful to the fruit. This is why our olives are hand-picked to ensure that they come with unharmed, beautiful fruits. The Kalamata olive tree is evergreen and can have a life span of thousands of years. Yet for the sake of quality and in order to prevent diseases that can affect the fruit, the tree is usually refreshed every 15 to 20 years.
You can enjoy our Kalamata olives in all shapes and sizes. We are here to help you create your order based on your needs, offering numerous container types and sizes. Whole olives, pitted, sliced, halved, random cuts, just ask for a quote and we will come back to You.

Two whole kalamata olives
three green halkidiki whole olives

The Chalkidiki (or Halkidki) olive variety is only cultivated in the northern Greece. It takes its name from the Halkidiki region which the biggest volume of green olives comes from There are over 300.000 hectares of green olives in Halkidiki alone and almost 20.000 producers. The olive has a cylindrical or semi-conical shape which ends with a small lump (nub) and their color is green to yellow with a slightly bitter taste. It is one of the biggest olives in Greece with sizes ranging from Atlas to large. Their size is the reason that this olive can be processed and stuffed in so many ways.
The harvesting season of this olive is the earliest in Greece. It starts by mid September and lasts up to mid and rarely late October. This is the period that the fruit ripens enough and has the desired color to be used as a fine table olive. The olive is strickly picked by hand to ensure maximum quality and presentation value. They have a crunchy flesh with firm, meaty texture and soft flavor but their flavor combinations are endless once stuffed.

The Amfissa (or Amfissis) olive variety is the famous Greek black olive. They come from the Amfissa region, very close to the ancient city of Delphi, the home of the ancient Greek oracles. It is the typical olive that is allowed to fully ripen on the tree and harvested at just the right time to remain fresh. They are naturally black with no artificial coloring like some Spanish varieties. The color of this olive varies from a leafy green to deep violet or red and up to fully black. Their textured flesh is mild and slightly fruity and their shape is oval. It is also one of the two main green olives of Greece (the other being Halkidiki). As green olives they share similar processing methods with the rest and they can be presented as sliced, pitted, stuffed and more, while the black, fully-ripe ones usually remain whole.

three black amfissa whole olives

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Olive oil tin with private labeling
3 liter PET jar filled with kalamata olives and white label for private labeling

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A handful of Greek olives mixed

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Olive Size Pieces/Kilo B = Black Olives,
G = Green Olives,
K = Kalamata Olives
Atlas 70-90 B, G
Super Mammoth 91-100 B, G
Mammoth 101-110 B, G, K
Super Colossal 111-120 B, G, K
Colossal 121-140 B, G, K
Giants 141-160 B, G, K
Extra Jumbo 161-180 B, G, K
Jumbo 181-200 B, G, K
Extra Large 201-230 B, G, K
Large 231-260 K
Superior 261-290 K
Brilliant 291-320 K
Fine 321-350 K
Bullets 351-400 K