Diced peaches in light syrup – 113 ml
Diced peaches in light syrup – 113 ml
Diced peaches in light syrup – 113 ml

Diced peaches in light syrup – 113 ml


Our SUN*MED diced peaches in light syrup, part of the clingstone family, come from the groves of Greece. They are picked by small farmers when they have ripened. The peach halves have a fragrant, sweet aroma and a superior taste, they are likened to the Mediterranean Sun.
The Peaches are cut into Halves, Slices and are also Diced. They maintain all their qualities and flavor when packed in light syrup or their own juice. Peaches are a good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin A.

Our 113 ml glass jars with diced peaches are targeted towards retail and they can be useful to food services because of their long life span and many different uses.

Our diced peaches in light syrup can be used straight from the glass. With the sweet juice it’s recommended to be served chilled. They are used in baking and as toppings. The juice can also be used to make gelatin for desserts or thickened with flour or cornstarch to make a fruit sauce for ice cream or pancakes.

Put peaches in a blender, add alcohol and serve!

Product Information



NamePeach diced 113 ml

Product CategoryFruits > Peaches > Diced

Unit Size113 ml

Minimum amountCase

Country of OriginGREECE, CHINA

Product Specifications

IngredientsPeaches, water, sugar, citric acid


Shelf Life (days)365

Product attributes0g trans fat, GMO Free, Glutten Free, 100% Vegan, Recyclable Package

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case6x4x113ml

Cases per pallet (industrial)60