Roasted Peeled Red Peppers – 2.84L
Roasted Peeled Red Peppers – 2.84L
Roasted Peeled Red Peppers – 2.84L

Roasted Peeled Red Peppers – 2.84L


Our SUN*MED Red Peppers are cultivated in the northern region of Florina, Greece. They begin as a green color and ripen into red. Roasted Peeled Red Peppers are roasted over an open flame, a key factor in the flavor, then hand peeled and immediately canned. They have a deep red color and a unique sweet flavor, rich with aroma and with a thick and firm texture. Red Peppers have Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

SUN*MED brand canned Roasted Red Peppers can be ready to serve directly from the tin. Red Peppers are used to add flair to an average dish, by enhancing the appeal with their bright color and sweet taste. They make an excellent addition to Greek salads, appetizers, sandwiches and when cooking omelets, sauces, pasta and meat.

Product Information



NameRoasted Peeled Red Peppers SUN*MED

Product CategoryVegetables > Red Peppers

Unit Size2.84 L

Minimum amountCase

Net Weight (kg/Case)19,5

Country of OriginGREECE

Product Specifications

IngredientsPeppers, water, salt, sugar, citric acid, calcium chloride


Shelf Life (days)560

Product attributesKOSHER, 0g Trans Fat, GMO Free, Glutten Free, 100% Vegan, Recyclable Package

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case6

Cases per pallet (industrial)56


Case length (in)18,9

Case width (in)12,6

Case height (in)7,08