Olive barrels – 20L

Olive barrels – 20L


Our 20 L AGROCAN barrel is one of the most convenient olive packages and one of our best sellers in terms of volume. It comes in three colors, Green, Blue and Red. We can offer all kinds of barrel and olive combinations as well as private labeling.

These barrels can be filled with olives of your choice. Ιndicative but not limited to:

Kalamata olives (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Random cuts)
Green olives (Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Cracked, Halves, Stuffed with almonds/pimento/garlic/lemon)
Black olives and more.

All of our olives can be ordered with private labeling.

Product Information


NameOlive barrels - 20L

ChannelsFoodservice Industrial

Unit Size20 L

Minimum amountCase

Net Weight (kg/Case)12

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case1

Cases per pallet (industrial)60

Case Length (in)9.84

Case Width (in)10.23

Case Height (in)16.14