Kalamata Pomace Olive Oil – 3L
Kalamata Pomace Olive Oil – 3L
Kalamata Pomace Olive Oil – 3L

Kalamata Pomace Olive Oil – 3L


The Greek Pomace olive oil is ranked amongst the best pomace oils worldwide.

The oil extracted from the pulp and the pit left, after the cold extraction of extra-virgin olive oil.
It is ideal for cooking
as it doesn’t create free radicals unlike other seed oils commonly used for cooking and frying. It is usually blended with a small percentage of extra virgin olive oil.

Cold-pressed and then filtered, our Pomace Olive Oil is a pure, 100% natural product that meets all of the highest standards in taste, aroma, texture and viscosity.

Product Information



NameGreek Pomace Olive Oil

Product CategoryOils

Unit Size3 L

Minimum amountCase

Country of OriginGREECE

Product Specifications

IngredientsPomace olive oil from Greek Olives

ContainerTin can

Shelf Life (days)560

Product attributesKOSHER, 0g Trans Fat, GMO Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, Recyclable Package

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case6

Cases per pallet (industrial)64