Kalamata pitted olives in bags – 1kg
Kalamata pitted olives in bags – 1kg
Kalamata pitted olives in bags – 1kg

Kalamata pitted olives in bags – 1kg


Kalamata olives are one of the most well-known olives and products of Greece.
Our SUN*MED Kalamata Olives, can be packed in almost any standardized market size and form, although some are more popular than others.
Kalamata olives are almond shaped, dark purple to black in colour with a strong natural flavor. The olive gets it’s colour naturally from the sun’s rays without the need for chemical treatment as most black/purple coloured olives do.

Firm to medium firm body and unique in their rich fruity flavor. We source them mostly from Kalamata and Sparta usually from small size farms. The olives are then processed with both simple, traditional recipes and modern techniques, in order to bring out their true natural flavor.
All of our olives are available in both conventional and organic.

Product Information



NameKalamata pitted olives 1 kg

Product CategoryGreek Olives > Kalamata Olives > Pitted

ChannelsFoodservice Industrial Retail

Unit Size1 kg

Minimum amountCase

Net Weight (kg/Case)11

Tare weight10

Country of OriginGREECE

Product Specs

IngredientsKalamata olives, water, sea salt, lactic acid

ContainerPlastic bag

Shelf life (days)730

Product attributesKOSHER, GMO Free, Glutten Free, 100% Vegan, Recyclable Package

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case10

Cases per pallet (industrial)90


Case Length (in)18

Case Width (in)5.9

Case Height (in)5,7