Kalamata olive paste in glass jars – 135g
Kalamata olive paste in glass jars – 135g
Kalamata olive paste in glass jars – 135g

Kalamata olive paste in glass jars – 135g


Our SUN*MED Kalamata olives paste is made with fine olives and premium olive oil. They come in three different sizes with the smallest one of 135 g, being the most handy one for retail use. It has a full taste and nutrition benefits of kalamata olive, in spread form. The list of ways you can serve it is endless as it amps up the flavor of everything you put it in. You can use it as a sandwich spread, as dip or add it to other dips (like hummus), appetizers such as bruschetta, pita, on a pizza or serve it alongside meat!

Product Information



NameKalamata olive paste 135 g

Product CategoryGreek Olives > Kalamata Olives > Paste

ChannelsFoodservice Industrial Retail

Unit Size135 g

Minimum amountCase

Net Weight (kg/Case)1,30

Tare weight (kg)0,81

Country of OriginGREECE

Product Specs

IngredientsKalamata olives, water, sea salt, olive oil, ascorbic acid, lactic acid

ContainerGlass jar

Shelf life (days)730

Product attributesKOSHER, GMO Free, Glutten Free, 100% Vegan, Recyclable Package

Packaging & Warehouse Info

Packs per case6

Cases per pallet (industrial)180


Case Length (in)8,6

Case Width (in)5,5

Case Height (in)3,10